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Global Unity Enneagram


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 New Leadersship to Global Prosperity and Social Responsibility - Enneagram & Social Responsibility ©

The aim is stimulating and making conscious not only individuals but organizations that participate in Social Responsibility Projects and  supportable development movements.

 “Now remains Faith, Hope and Love; of these three, however, Love is the biggest of all”. Apostle Paul (1)

It will be through the Enneagram of Global Unity that I will leave to the Elected ones for analysis and consideration, that the nine main questions to be developed in the “final times” will allow achieving the superior and unselfish purpose to avoid the possible evolutionary “deflection”:

3 nuclear, located in Points 9, 6 and 3 of the Enneagram, and 6 related and interacting with the periodic decimal 0.142857…: Point 9: Love in action for conservation and protection of the global body: Equality 

“There are no passengers on Mother Earth Spaceship. Everyone is a crew member.”

Marshall MacLuhan

Keeping and protecting life is the way the Elected shows, his comprehension of the Law of All Things in the Physical Level. We are all witness of the gradual and dangerous deterioration of the environment. We are aware of the ecological unbalances that occur today, which is very concerning, and how they affect life in this planet. The whole world is very alarmed about the pollution of our air, our waters and food resources. We are aware of the ecological disasters, due to careless use of our natural resources, and we know that, not only this will increase hunger in our planet, but it will hinder our future and the future of our species and other forms of life with which we share our cosmic house. We all know that; we are being well-informed, every day of our lives, although very few respond. The lack of interest, the apathy, which characterizes the negative aspect of Point 9 of the Enneagram, must be overcome at once. It is time to act individually so that our planet carries on supplying us natural conditions that grant life and its cycles of harmony and balance.

We must work towards building the conscience of our Global Body and prevent its sickness. We must Protect (Point 8) and Conserve life and its Dharma (Point 1). There are many organizations and groups that work towards ecological balance of the planet. Our duty is to be part of them, support them, and cooperate in their projects and actions. We should give the conscious help that is needed to conserve and protect the planet, individually, and in accordance to our capacity,

We can, as consumers, reject the companies that pollute the environment or that make products that ruin the air, the soil and the water, simply by not consuming their products. We can work in the community, encouraging recycling and demanding concrete measures from the authorities.

We should protest against projects that involve destruction of our environment, deforestation, water and soil pollution.

We could organize ourselves to plant trees, to protect green areas close to our communities; we can get together to clean rivers, clean beaches. This should be our goal and it should be part of our routine these days.

Taking part actively of every initiative, whose goal is the environmental balance, will provoke positive changes in a short time. Besides, we must demand Laws and effective measures to maintain the environmental balance, reminding our politicians and Congressmen, the famous Jacques Cousteau’s statement:

“Ecology is not politics and it should be defended by all political parties programs and not by one only!” (2)

These are but a few aspects related to the Global Body Enneagram Triad of Unity. Each one of the Elected should perceive the importance and amplitude of the concepts connected to an effective Global Action, when he (she) realizes the value and importance of his (hers) own physical body, and applies the Hermetic Principle that says: “As it is above, it is below”.

Finally I should add that the need to protect and conserve the environmental balance and ecological balance is far more important to us that it is to Nature. This statement, which can sound too strong for some, is based on the following reasoning:

Nature will never be destroyed by men – another idea of our egocentric vision – because before this happens, Nature can destroy us, just by changing the surface of our planet again. A general unbalance of the environment can provoke the destruction of human civilization directly or indirectly; Directly, because a negative change of the balance and natural rhythms can create enormous catastrophes; for example, a raise in temperature as a consequence of what we call “greenhouse effect” can cause a desert effect in areas which today are fertile areas, or even increase the level of the seas, which could put at risk especially coastal cities in many parts of the world; Indirectly, the negative change of the climate can increase violence and misery in certain parts of the planet, for example. The migration to safer regions of the affected population, caused by unbalanced greater ecosystems, can provoke immeasurable wars, social, political and economic conflicts.

My purpose is not to write about well known questions, I just want to call the attention of the ones who are more prepared, so that we can start making changes that can avoid the badness that threatens humankind. There is time - still.

The need of a protective shield for the planet:

Another menace to humankind in future is the possibility that a great sidereal group collides with our planet, destroying our civilization. (3)

That is... the need to create a protective shield for our planet, avoiding the phenomenon which caused the first “calculus mistake” to reoccur. Scientists and army forces should come together in this effort and governments of the world should create an international fund with the aim to implement an efficient system to protect the planet.

Working towards social justice, eliminating poverty and ignorance is also part of the mission of the Elected ones to protect and preserve our world. We know that the increase in poverty implies among other things, in lack of homes and good infra structure, to avoid the careless occupation of lands, which causes the destruction of ground waters and other delicate ecosystems. Everyone should be aware that as long as there is social injustice, there will be destruction of the planet. 

Protection and preservation of the Global Body implies rescue of social harmony and end of injustices – it can not be partial or unilateral; it has to be planetary. The leaders worldwide must gather society to act now guaranteeing the physical energetic aspect of the Global Unity, without which it is impossible to develop the other two aspects beyond its limitations. When we understand these facts and when we are one with our Planetary Body, then we will have means to achieve these global and social changes to guarantee the Principle of Equality and consequently, the continuity of our actual cultural and technological progress levels in a environment that is favorable for our evolution and for the evolution of all kinds of lives in this world. Here we refer to the Global Mind of the Unity Enneagram.

Point 6: Faith as an assurance of collective good to-come: Global Mind and a Sole Language: Freedom.

“Today Internet is not only a road for information as I imagined, but it can be seen as the beginning of the road.”

Bill Gates (4)

A Global Action implies in a global union of all human minds interconnected and communicating constantly, regardless of its many levels of comprehension and culture - respecting the needs of the planet and of our species. Everyone, according to their level, should be aware of the needs of planetary Unity. Our communication and global information systems today are capable of promoting collective awareness regarding the need of Mental Unity. This global union of human minds is the Global Mind, through which the interchange of ideas and knowledge can happen and can reduce the times of the end. If this global awareness does not happen, it could increase the uncertainty and paranoid fear of the future.

The mental fear, whose negative aspects are explained by the analysis of Point 6 of the psychological Enneagram, incites uncertainty, selfishness and incapability of visualizing the future alternatives which may be positive and viable. Mental fear makes people think of “the end of the world”. We all know that one of the main characteristics of our society is fear. People do not trust anything in full, and they fear the future – this increases the separation feeling and the need that each one has, of being successful no matter what and not worrying about anyone else. In other words, it increases selfishness, isolation and insensitivity, which are factors that hinder the comprehension of the Law of the Full Unity.

People tend to isolate themselves nowadays and look for factors that mean not having to compromise with others (negative aspect of Point 5 in the psychological Enneagram). Today we can even have virtual relationships and sex. One of the criticisms that people do, is that Internet would be increasing alienation and isolation, by permitting people to interact and communicate only in a virtual plan where not only they can maintain relationships, but more so; they do not have to compromise or to have responsibilities, they can live their fantasies without the fear that they would have in a real world. This way of life reflects a fake freedom (Point 7 of the psychological Enneagram).  Although we, the Elected ones, must work towards making this new virtual communication channel – THE WEB – better, so that it is used as an instrument to manifest and create collectively, the new Global Mind. Through the WEB, Global Mind will manifest itself in benefit of humankind, spreading Faith and Assurance in the Good To-Come in the whole world, making people think the solution of urgent problems, creatively, through the use of virtual scenarios in which many situations can be recreated, thus facilitating correct decision making as well as precise actions in the real world.

The WEB is the beginning of a new unique language that everyone can learn and use to interchange ideas and knowledge. The WEB was created not for us to isolate ourselves in virtual worlds, it was not created to escape reality, neither to satisfy our fantasies and delusions; it has another “face” that we, the Elected ones, should show: the face of free and worldwide interaction. The WEB is the end of boundaries; however, with its defects and virtues, it reflects its creator. It is up to each one of us to make it the “Road to the Future”, using the title of the book quoted by Bill Gates, where knowledge will circulate and projects will bond us and benefit our species.

The WEB is our great chance to invent this new sole language with which we can think, create, and project to achieve the Good To-Come. The new global language, whose instrument is the Internet, should be used by the Elected ones to endorse Faith in the Future.

We know that everything has two sides to it: the WEB can be used by negative and destructive personalities, but it can also be used by people who are willing to think globally and work for the unity of our species, putting an end to disengagement, separation. We should not consider only the negative effects of Internet; we should make a point to increase the positive interchange of knowledge and information.

Beside the WEB, we also have a system of planetary communication that is very resourceful; we have satellites, advanced TV systems, telephony and radio which can become unity, integration and creativity channels that allow us to proceed with the Global Unity. We, the Elected ones, must use all these means to gather people of planet Earth in a huge project that will rescue this unique language that brought so many benefits in the past.

On the other side, the Global Mind should restructure everything from the financial system to the educational system, seeking benefits and harmonious growth to all men kind, avoiding the concentration of richness and the selfish knowledge of only one privileged cast of human beings.

This means that the creation of Global Mind surpasses political leftist and rightist wings, religious dogmas, economical and financial dogmas, because they all split society into irrevocable extremes.

We, the Elected ones, should work towards the reconciliation of these extremes; it is the only way to raise the beginning of a new order that will be reflected in a balanced society where poverty and misery will not stand a chance to exist.

Every form of egotistical mental separation should be overcome (Point 5 Unity Enneagram), for it encourages a partial and subjective view of reality. At the same time, our mental relationship with the Fourth Dimension, the Time, should be little by little transformed into a Universal and Harmonious Relationship, in order that we have the possibility to move to the space-time dimension where there are these new Heaven and Earth promised. That’s the reason why the Indians prophecies remind us about the passage of   Gold Age or “Satya Yuga” that will start suddenly after the comprehension of the Law of Unity of All Things.

This change in our mental relationship with the Time will not only imply a way of overcoming the present beliefs that prevent the consolidation of the born Global Mind, but will also open ways for us to be  conscious channels of those cosmic energies whose positive influences will free us as species, from the terrible mental prison that one day separated us from the One – Mind, that we call the Father’s Wish.

The creation of a Global Mind is based on the needs of an impartial and objective view of reality, with which the Law of the Unity of All things will enable us to reach satisfaction of all objective needs; creative and positive interchange of technology and knowledge, with no race, creed, sex, social level distinction – no distinction of any kind (Point 7 Unity Enneagram).

When the Elected ones work for the creation of a Global Mind, they will be working towards the connection of all opposites. We can not permit the communication channels to be a monopoly of religions, sects, and politic parties, economical and multinational groups. Law should be created to avoid this to happen and avoid the creation of new feuds commanded by “lords” who treat people as their “vassals” or as simple, blind and weak followers/consumers; prisoners of this modern mental “concentration camp” which we call “globalized market”

The creation of Global Mind will prove that the hermetic concept that states that all truths are semi truths and that all paradoxes can be reconciled is possible.

If we have a Global Body and a Global Mind, we also have a Global Heart that feels the need to be sympathetic and work towards Global Unity.

Point 3: Hope and Global Heart. Sensitivity and Solidarity: Fraternity.

"The Aquarius Conspiracy is also focused on diminishing hunger; by its meaning, connection and integration.  Each one of us is a “complete project”, a core of a critical mass, an administrator of the transformation of the world.

Marilyn Ferguson (5)

The ones who have faith also have Hope and the ones who have Hope, can and know how to love. This way, the harmony of Global Heart completes the nuclear movement of Enneagram 9-6-3 of Global Unity. We loose Hope when we loose Faith in the future. When Humanity fears the future, it can not have Faith – this is what is happening today. Statistics show that the new generations do not have faith in the future and are losing hope. What is offered to them today is unacceptable, absurd and untrue. The youth knows that and this is why they do not trust their existent system or their leaders. The loss of hope increases egotism which turns into social and ecological insensibility and the loss of solidarity. This is the actual scenario. The ones who become insensitive and incapable of perceiving the needs of others can not feel the global and collective needs and are careless with their own needs, leading to the fulfillment of false needs. This way the ability of seeing and perceiving the constant and always present Unity of All Things, is lost.

If we don’t have hope, we can not act to the benefit of others; we do not see them as “brothers” and so, we can not be fraternal. Insensitive beings can not comprehend the concepts of Global Body and Global Mind.

We, the Elected ones, should recuperate the Hope in the hearts of our species because we know that there is an Evolution which is possible, and that we can work together to make it happen in an alternative future; and we can do it now, in the present, being conscious of the Eternal Now. We can do that because we are aware and know the Unity of All Things and we have Faith (Global Mind), which is the assurance of the Good To-Come, so we should reunite in a worldly fraternity, a global movement that will allow us to spread Hope to the World, touching (Point 4 Unity Enneagram) our peers for them to also become the Elected and be motivated to act in favor of the species and of nature.

Ecological and socially conscious human beings become naturally sympathetic and fraternal and it that way they cooperate actively and willingly (Point 2 Global Unity Enneagram) to transform the lack of hope that hit so many millions of human hearts. Sensibility and Unity: these are the strengths that will give back Hope to our Global Hearts that urges Fraternity. We should get together for this task; religions, fraternities, sects, they all have to overcome their differences in support of the awakening of Hope.

Today more than ever, they should promote and preach fraternity and unity tolerance as well as ecological and social sensibility. Politicians and businessmen should create programs of social justice together with the whole society, creating jobs and opportunities for development for all of us. We, the Elected ones, are the bearers of Hope because we know that the Good To-Come is a reality that becomes more concrete and updated in each action we take to diminish poverty and pain in the world. We should all do our part to recover Hope.  

That way, the Triad: Do, Think and Feel becomes one and the Enneagram movement of Points 1 to 7 becomes harmonious with this unity.

Point 1: The Elected ones are aware of the Global Body and work to preserve social harmony and environment;

 Point 4: They awake their peer to work towards ecological and social ideals; 

 Point 2: When everyone is touched and integrated by the Global Heart, they recover Hope and then Unity happens, causing actions;

 Point 8: These actions are based on the understanding that by protecting the planet and society, this will enable the One and Only Life to continue its harmonious development vis-à-vis the Law of the Unity of All Things;

Point 5: These conditions are appropriated for anyone with no distinction. Science and technology become better with this goal; a new educational global system is established; the feeling of separation is eliminated and everyone bonds mentally with the same aim: to transform the planet into a paradise.

 Point 7:  When mentally bonded, we all promote a Global Mind creating, developing and sharing technology and knowledge which increase the Global Unity and the planetary Harmony in an equality mode (Point 9 of Unity Enneagram), Freedom (point) and Fraternity (Point). The global communication system incites union and worldwide progress. Faith in the future transforms into assurance, which increases our capability to develop the Global Unity, beginning a new movement until Point 1 of the Global Unity Enneagram, which implies the consolidation of the process 9-3-6, which in its turn, carries on getting better, making each improvement not an end, but a beginning of a new positive Enneagram process for the evolution of our species in a harmonious and ordained world, according to the Law of the Unity of All Things!.

 The Elected one that concentrates on the Enneagram of Global Unity is able to find many other things forwarding its benefits to work places as much as to himself, his peers and the planetary society where he belongs. This is the beginning of the true globalization.

I understand that these concepts would imply in the analysis of many theoretical and practical aspects, however, due to the urgency of the alternative times, I can only explain briefly each one of them, assuring that the Elected ones of the world will succeed and will strengthen not only the basic ideas, but they will find means to put them to practice.

The text is part of the third published book - “Apocalypse 21” (Quartet 2000)  - it can be read at the appendix of the second edition of the book: “ENNEAGRAM - A PATH FOR YOUR PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT”(Quartet, 1998, Quartet 1999; Madras,2003, Madras 2006)